4 Post Car Lift Accessories

If you’re looking to add a new 4 post car lift to your garage, there are a few different accessories you should consider. These include frame cradles pads, tall-height adapter pins, rolling jacks, and oil drip trays.
Oil drip tray

A oil drip tray can help protect your four post car lift from leaks. You can put one in the middle of the lift or on the floor underneath the cars. Drip trays have gutters, so you can catch all of the fluids that fall. Heavy Duty Car LIfts basics are made of galvanized steel, so they look sharp. These drip trays also feature 56 articulated catches, which can minimize the appearance of stains and blemishes.

Depending on the size of your lift, you may need an additional plastic drip tray. This can be used between the runways. It will keep the oil in a drip tray instead of dripping on the floor. If you are installing your lift at a location where it will be in contact with other equipment, consider supplemental ramps, which can improve efficiency.
Frame cradles pads

Frame cradle pads are an essential accessory to use when lifting your vehicle on a car lift. They are designed to keep your vehicle in place and reduce any movement, and they are also a good way to protect your lift’s hardware. The best ones are made from heavy duty steel and have a thick polyurethane rubber pad lining to provide the best protection possible.

There are two main types of frames cradle pads available for the modern day lifter. One type is the wide frame cradle pad. These are made to handle chassis frames up to 5.25 inches wide. It features a U-shaped steel channel to hold the full perimeter of the frame securely, so side to side movement is halted while the lift is in the air.
Tall-height adapter pins

If you are in the market for a new car lift or looking to upgrade your existing system, then you may want to consider adding some tall-height adapter pins. Adapter pins are a little more sophisticated than a regular pin and are designed to extend the height of your lift pad by up to 5.5 inches. They can also be used in combination with other two post lift accessories to raise your vehicle off the ground safely and securely.

The best adapter pins are made of sturdy stainless steel and have some cool design touches. These are not only great for extending the height of your lift pad, but also can be used to change the style of your pad. There are also some models that come with a flip up pad.
Challenger’s CL4P7 and CL4P9

Challenger’s CL4P7 and CL4P9 4 post car lifts are a pair of highly functional, yet stylish, four post lifts for your garage. They’re made with quality engineering and feature a few perks you won’t find on your typical four-post lift, like a power lock ladder and a built-in runway rail system. These lifts are also well suited for light duty commercial applications.

The CL4P7 is an economy-grade four-post lift. It’s a bit less expensive than its 14,000-pound cousin, but still offers plenty of features and benefits. As blog post about Heavy Duty Car LIfts at Mechanic Superstore of fact, if you’re just getting started with your garage, or you’re thinking of making some upgrades to your current setup, this is the lift for you.

Although it’s not a secret, the CL4P7 is not the only lift on the market with a fancy name. Challenger offers a few other models that you’ll find just as worthy of your hard-earned dollars.
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If you are considering buying a four post lift for your vehicle, you may want to consider adding rolling jacks to the package. This will allow you to get more use out of the lift and will also provide you with a way to service your vehicle.

A rolling jack is a tool used to lift vehicles, which is mounted underneath the lift. It provides the lifter with a level lifting platform and is capable of raising all of the wheels on a vehicle. These jacks are available in various sizes and will give you the versatility you need.

Rolling jacks are designed to be operated by hand or air power. They are easy to operate and provide an excellent way to raise any wheel for servicing.

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